Join us for this month's People's Assembly New Year, New Rebels! One of the biggest parts of growing our movement and increasing our impact is the welcoming of new rebels. On Wed 20 Jan we'll be chatting about: * What was your experience as a brand new rebel? * How do you welcome new rebels into your group? * How can we empower more rebels to pick up roles? Come join us and share your experiences with your fellow rebels! Sign up for the PA here: Everything discussed will be fed to the Communities and Rebel Pathways teams so that we can share the best ideas across the movement and try to support the needs which arise. This session is part of a monthly program of assemblies run by the Communities Team to feed your needs into the work we do for you. We want to hear of successes and challenges you face in your local areas so that we can help each other! UK Communities Assemblies - 3rd Wednesday of every month