Tailored for climate activists, with Extinction Rebellion’s Principles and Values at its core, Universal Support Skills is the first part of two experiential workshops. This first online workshop, led by Lynda Wightman, offers participants a basic toolbox for support mechanisms that build resilient relationships, action capability and long-term activism. The second workshop, led by Jen Hall, is called USS 102: Oppression, Movement-Building and Relationships, and takes place the following month. Both workshops focus on key relationship skills for building a non-hierarchical movement. The workshops are complementary and standalone; participants are strongly encouraged to attend both. This first workshop will include: • Developing listening skills and understanding their importance in building connection and resilience • Using paired sharing and listening partnerships to build stronger, closer relationships • Learning how giving and receiving warm, focused attention helps us process emotional fallout and think more clearly • Group circle process for ongoing support, on-the-spot debriefing, and reflective learning Participants will have the option to join an ongoing support group with opportunity to further develop these skills. In line with XR’s non-hierarchical, regenerative culture, this workshop embodies inclusive approaches that ensure everybody’s voice is heard. Workshop facilitators, Lynda Wightman and Jen Hall, bring decades of experience facilitating peer counseling workshops, meetings and support groups using a framework of inclusive processes and participation. This workshop will be held online using Zoom; details will be emailed upon registration. To register, click the "Tickets" link above.