The habitability of our planet is at stake. Ecosystems are collapsing, temperatures are rising, the United Nations Secretary General urges all countries to declare a climate emergency, the international pressure for Australia to reach zero by 2030 is mounting. Yet the Australian government doubles down on a fossil fuel economy. In a landmark judgment, the Australian Federal Court found the environment minister has a duty of care to young people. Instead of taking on this responsibility, the environment minister has taken to appeal the judge's decision, asserting that she does not, in fact, have a responsibility to care for young people. The house has failed us, our children and our planet. We are reaching the end game. If we are to maintain hope, we need to come together in one voice, we are the movement of movements and we want to secure a liveable future for our children, grandchildren and future generations. Join with us from Saturday, October 16 and camp around the grounds of Parliament house until our demands are met and serious action is taken. Come day one; stay for the future. We come with our children, we come for all children, we come with a song in our hearts and a vision for a safe climate for all. What to bring: Everything you need to camp A noise maker Your banner of choice A peaceful non-violent mindset Watch out for information sessions starting mid-August covering everything you need to know.

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