Register for this event here: We are in the midst of a climate and ecological emergency - that much is abundantly clear. Furthermore, our political system is broken, our leaders are unwilling or unable to address the crisis and thus complicit in imperiling all life on earth. It is up to us. Like many great and trying times of the past, ordinary people have to rise up and force our governments to act. In this session we aim to: 1. Educate ourselves on the reality of the situation 2. Learn about the appropriate response - civil disobedience as a proven method of lasting change against injustice and our demand for Citizens Assemblies to fix our broken democracy. Take the first step with us and learn why Extinction Rebellion is demanding government and media across the globe tell the truth about the climate crisis and how we can push for sustainable and lasting action through civil disobedience and citizens assemblies. We'll begin at 11am with a talk introducing Extinction Rebellion: please arrive before 11 for a prompt start. And, for those who can stick around after, there is a chance to enjoy a chat and get to know other rebels before we continue with a more in-depth 'how to be part of XR' whether by joining a local group or getting involved in a working group. Then we'll go out for lunch together at the nearby Queen Vic Markets! Everyone is welcome.

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