Global call to solidarity with Norwegian climate rebels Place: Norwegian embassies and consulates around the world Time: Until 4th of March 10 am UTC. On the 4th of March, citizens around the world are protesting against the climate hypocrisy of Norway and the government’s suppression of climate activism. There will be demonstrations at Norwegian embassies and consulates in cities such as Seoul, Rome, Ottawa, Rio de Janeiro, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Join the protest against Norway’s double standard as an oil state that presents itself as a proponent of climate agreements (read this article by CNN): The Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, proudly boasts that “the person who will shut down Norwegian oil production has not yet been born”. One reason why she says that is that her government is punishing climate activists with fines of up to 20.000 NOK (approximately 2.000 Euros) for civil disobedience. On the 21st September 2020, 53 activists with Extinction Rebellion Norway were arrested for blocking the road in downtown Oslo and for protesting at the Ministry of Oil and Energy. As a result, they received fines which totaled over 100,000 Euros. This stands in stark contrast to the governments’ reaction in Sweden, Denmark, France and Netherlands where there were similar protests at the same time. In these countries, the police broke up the demonstrations without resorting to mass arrests or heavy fines. The fines levied on the climate activists in Oslo on the 21st of September 2020 were significantly higher than the fines meted out to violent protesters in 2019. It is ironic that the country that gave the Nobel Peace Prize to Martin Luther King Jr. in 1964 suppresses civil disobedience with so-called “preventive methods” when it is directed against current Norwegian policies.

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