We’re building back. Rebels old and new, this is the meeting not to miss. XRI have been hibernating and reevaluating over the Winter and now we rise up again. Join us online March 14th, for a People’s Assembly as we continue to rebel in a post-pandemic climate crisis. Everything has changed yet nothing has changed for ecosystem collapse. This system is still heading towards extinction. Come to hear what we’ve been doing and join us in planning what we do next. The ongoing pandemic has meant a complete reappraisal of the way we work so backroom work continued quietly and mainly out of sight. There’s been some progress: Climate and Biodiversity Emergencies have been declared across the world, but there’s much more to be done. so we aim to regenerate and regrow in 2021. People’s Assemblies are meetings where everyone gets a chance to participate. Activists will present some of the ideas currently being discussed but you will be encouraged to share your own ideas. It aims to:
 - Propose new campaigns & a strategy to regain momentum - Present a large-scale action idea for May 1st - Renew and refill circles and make sure our structures are clear to new and old rebels - Relaunch HFE talks - find volunteers to give updated versions - Envision our next steps as a movement through discussion and powerful questions - Most importantly, gain rebels’ feedback on all of the above before making a collective decision Through collective effort XRI can be a flourishing, resilient, and loving ecosystem that is capable of taking on the state and ecocidal corporations, and winning. It is time for us to increase momentum again. Share this event. Call friends. Reach out to those you rebelled with before. We have to Act Now.

 If you come to only come to one XR meeting this year, come to this Assembly. Bring all of your Grief, Love and Rage! (Event will be hosted on Zoom, link will be posted here closer to the date)

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