THE TIME IS NOW —Join the Global Rebellion in Portland starting October 7th— Ecological devastation and the growing climate emergency threaten all life on Earth. We are currently accelerating off a cliff. We are here to tell the truth and to demand that our government do the same: This is an emergency! Let's act like it. Locations: 11-2pm @[148692161823936:274:Chapman Square] 1-4pm @[212607378838631:274:Immigrations and Customs Enforcement] 4310 SW Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97239 3-6pm @[110732212284824:274:Pedestrian bridge] SE Powell & 9th 5-8pm @[151281471555790:274:Coe Circle] The event will be a peaceful, nonviolent disruption of business as usual, protest. We'll be taking part in direct action and civil disobedience. We'll be deploying a peaceful, but vigilant, tapestry of activists. Musicians, performers, swarmers and canvassers will be onhand to make art in the street and bring the attention to the ever looming and impending crisis, climate change. On site we'll have regenerative measures in place to train people to swarm, rest, and celebrate the common cause! No experience necessary, but must be non-violent and respectful!!! Bring plain, non branded clothing. Protest areas will aim to be safe and kid friendly, but assessing your own risk is advisable. We'll be occupying streets and parks in the name of climate change! SAVE THE DATE: Plan to take a day! JOIN THE OCT 7 REBELLION: To succeed, we need everyone! Those able to risk arrest and those who can provide support! signup: Help us spread the message. Scroll above, click share, and invite friends!