END SYNTHETIC AND BLOOD PHOSPHATE: Time to Put Our Whenua and People First Extinction Rebellion Aotearoa calls a national day of action on 16 November to highlight the incoming shipment of blood phosphate from Western Sahara and issues surrounding Blood phosphate mined on stolen land in Western Sahara, alongside Climate and Ecological kaupapa. If you would like to organise an action let us know. We can provide info and support to you to carry out an action in your town. Ravensdown and Balance fertiliser is derived from gas, a fossil fuel, and 'Blood phosphates' taken from Western Sahara under military occupation. When used the fertiliser emits nitrous oxide which is a greenhouse gas 400 times worse than carbon dioxide. For decades Ravensdown and Balance fertilisers have propped up industrial agriculture in this country, which contributes half of all our emissions, mostly as methane which while short-lived is over 80 times worse than carbon dioxide. Together fertiliser and industrial farming are also causing massive damage to our soils and waterways, killing off native fish and kaimoana." On the social front, Western Saharan communities bear the brunt of Morocco's military invasion to steal the phosphates. New Zealand is the last country to allow the importation of blood phosphate making Ravensdown and Balance the only companies in the world that buy it. Email stopbloodphosphate@protonmail.com with your questions or any event/action details you would like to publicise. We can make a separate event if that suits your action.