There is new a Northern strategy emerging. It aims to be our Northern Star, to help guide us through this next phase together. It’s been bubbling and growing organically, with varied input so far. But we can’t develop it any further without you! So please if you’re able to please come along to one or all of the following sessions. That way we can develop and strengthen our movement together. This is a 3 part series. Full details can be found further on. This is the final session. Join us to find out what the final version of our XR North Strategy looks like. We have been working hard on creating a proposal and gathering feedback from all areas of the north, and we hope to present you with a final strategy that incorporates all your voices. The structure of this meeting will be a presentation of the strategy itself, followed by space for questions. We will then have a 15 minute access break, and for the final hour move into three breakout group sessions where you will get to generate ideas, create, and design plans based on the three main stages of the strategy; Disrupt, Support, Build. We will hear feedback, and all of the ideas will be written up and shared on our website to inspire and motivate people to join our region, to get prepared, and to take part in actions. Anyone and everyone is welcome, whether you're part of XR North or from further afield. We hope to see you there. Join via Zoom: Meeting ID: 939 4986 8315 Passcode: 019961 ____________________________________ Strategy Consultation Part 1 Presenting our overarching strategy to be discussed by all. This will be delivered in 2 sessions: Session 1 Topic: Working group perspective & input Time: 6pm-8pm Friday Nov 20, 2020 Event Link: ________________________________ Northern Strategy Development Part 1 Session 2 Topic: Local/individual rebel perspective & input Time: 2pm-4pm Sunday 22nd November Event Link: ________________________________ Northern Strategy Development Part 2 Topic: Actions and Campaigns: Development, Input, Impact Time: Nov 25, 2020 06:00 PM London Event Link: ________________________________ Strategy Part 3 Topic: Rebuild, Enact, Develop Together Time: Dec 4, 2020 06:00 PM London Event link: ________________________________ When we talk about strategy we’re not trying to over complicate. We’re looking at ways we can work more effectively towards establishing our shared vision and ways in which we can work more effectively towards it. This is only a small part of the consultation process if you’d like to contact the strategy team or any part of the Northern Branch of Extinction Rebellion UK then please find further details here on our website: ****Whilst we align in many ways with XRUK and XRGlobal Support, we also identify as XRNorth a vast region covering North West and Yorkshire. This strategy should refine our existing aims.