We have put together a mix of meditation experiences both secular and religious, to be offered on a regular basis for Mother Earth, in order to support Her in Her time of ecological and climate crisis. These sessions are offered for people from Extinction Rebellion (XR) but all are welcome. I will lead a Meditation for Mother Earth based on the spine, the breath and the energy centres which is a preliminary to the practice of Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga is a spiritual yet non-sectarian meditation practice, meaning that it can be enjoyed by those of any religion or none. You are invited to sit for the session but this can be on a cushion or chair. Please contact Hilly Hannken for more details and venue location at hilly@hilly-yoga.co.uk. There is no charge for this session beyond a suggestion that you might like to contribute to the cost of hiring the room, or make a contribution to XR.