It's time we take to the streets and #TellTheTruth: Climate Justice is Social Justice. Climate Justice is Global Justice. Climate Justice is Migrant Justice. #PaintTheStreets is an ongoing creative campaign, breaking social norms to raise awareness about the climate & ecological emergency. This particular campaign is a regional flyposting event taking place over the next few weeks in the lead up to the Rebel for Justice local rebellion. So grab your brushes and posters, and let's get the message out there: #ClimateJusticeIsSocialJustice. Join our Telegram chat to take part in the challenge! Share your best poster placement, arrange poster collection, or just see whose up for a short-notice flyposting session: We will be arranging at least one session a week where we will go out as a group (wheat paste, brushes, and posters provided!), so make sure to join the Telegram chat to stay up-to-date.