Join us for an underwater themed rally to pressure our legislatures to declare a climate emergency in Maryland! We will be demonstrating to bring attention to the 'Climate Emergency and Implementation of a Climate Mobilization Effort Bill' which has its hearing on the house floor at 2pm February 24th. We will be there to initiate public support, and reinforce the message that we are truly in the midst of a ecological crisis. Come wearing blue, some scuba gear or dress like a fish! Bring a sign and be ready to express your passion for building a sustainable future based on climate justice! While bills like these align with our four demands (1. Tell the truth, 2. Net-zero emissions by 2025, 3. Establish a public assembly to direct these changes, 4. The transition must be just), these non-binding policies and incremental changes are not enough. Let’s make sure those representatives in power hear us loud and clear that this is only the first step! The bill proposes the following measure to ensure a safe climate: 1. A rapid, just, and managed phase–out of fossil fuels; 2.Ending the production of greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible to establish a zero–emissions economy 3. Widespread effort to safely draw down excess carbon from the 4 atmosphere; 4. A full transition to a regenerative agriculture system; 5. An end to the sixth mass extinction through widespread conservation and restoration of ecosystems; It also maintains a climate justice based perspective, stating that: Justice requires that frontline and marginalized communities, which have historically borne the brunt of the extractive fossil fuel economy, participate actively in the planning and implementation of this mobilization effort and that they benefit first from the transition to a climate–safe economy; More information can be found here: