If you're planning to take part in actions and would like to provide wellbeing support, please join our next Action Wellbeing Training! During actions, it is fundamental to ensure the physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing of our rebel community. Come join us to learn more about the roles involved in action wellbeing! When: February 20th, 19-21pm Where: location Graham Hills Building (University of Starthclyde), 40 George Street, Glasgow G1 1XP; Room 511 Action Wellbeing comprises the following roles: First Aider – to provide immediate help in case of injuries or emergencies. (unfortunately, First Aid training won't be covered by our session!) Wellbeing Supporter – to keep our energy levels high, keep an eye on vulnerable protesters, and generally ensure the emotional wellbeing of anybody who is taking part in the action. Arrestees Supporter – to wait for arrested protesters at police stations until they are released; provide them with emotional support upon release, as well as hot drinks, snacks, etc. Someone who has covered First Aid or Wellbeing Support during the action may also cover a shift for Arrestee Support. De-escalation – calming a tense or conflict situation during an action Arrest Watch – everyone taking part in actions should know the basics about witnessing arrest. While this is primarily the task of Legal Observers* sometimes, circumstances cause a legal observer to be absent. In this case, everyone else's observations can be highly relevant to gather information about the arrest. *Legal Observer: ensure that detailed notes are taken throughout the action on police strategy and behavior, that arrestees know their legal rights, and that XR arrest support know who has been arrested and which police station they have been taken to. This role is covered in a different training! Feel free to bring snacks to share, let's create a regenrative training space! We are looking forward to see you, your XR Glasgow Regenerative Cultures and Wellbeing Team