🍀 SELF-CARE SESSION 🍀 BUILDING EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE BEFORE ACTION With the global climate injustice, the adrenaline rush flows in our system as we finalize preparations for the two-week COP26. As you carry out the "last-minute rush" to finalize plans... ...we do invite you to take a Moment to Pause, Breath and Connect with yourself. See the importance of this event while still caring for yourself. We shall create space collectively to hold each other with care and also care for ourselves towards and after COP 26 least we get lost in the overwhelming tasks ahead. 🍀 MONDAY, October 25th, at 4-6 pm UTC / 5-7 pm BST (UK) 🍀 FIND YOUR TIME ZONE: JOIN US through the zoom-link: Meeting ID: 868 8881 5459 (NVC stands for 'nonviolent communication') The session is facilitated by 🍀SAMUEL ODHIAMBO, hosted by: NVC & Centering Justice in XR, Regen XR COP26, and Regen XR Global Support.

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