COVID-19 has shown us that the government listens to the science when the danger is immediate. We need them to Tell the Truth and dedicate themselves to a minimum 8% decrease of GHG per year. How can we demand these things without taking to the streets en-masse? We will be collecting footprints from concerned rebels and bringing them to the Dáil. We are asking you to draw an outline of your feet on A4 paper, add your own message and make them as simplistic or elaborate as you see fit. Please #PutYourFootDown with us! While we are still adapting to the necessary changes due to the Corona Virus crisis, we cannot forget the climate crisis which is rapidly approaching us. The changes our government introduced have proven two things: They are capable of bringing in emergency measures when the survival of the people is at risk. They can listen to the science and expert opinions when they realise the depth of the crisis we are in. Fine Gael and Fianna Faíl are currently negotiating a possible government with the Green Party, and one of the key points is the question of a 7% annual carbon emission reduction. As citizens, it is our duty to hold our politicians to account. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a minimum of 7.6% global annual reductions in greenhouse gas emissions is needed per year for the next 10 years to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Considering that we are a rich nation, with higher per capita emissions, this should naturally be much higher for us: at least 8%. We have heard that this is too large an ask, that it is a risk to the economy, that it must be done more slowly, in phases. In the meantime COVID-19 has come and shown us a preview of what we have in store- including increased strain on our food security, job losses, travel restrictions and tragic loss of life. We figure you don’t have to go somewhere to leave behind a footprint. We are calling on you to create a footprint that we can leave for you at the gates of Daíl Eireann to make your presence felt. Your footprints can be as plain or as elaborate as you see fit, with a message, signatures, photos, drawings or simply your name beside them. Please email your photos or scanned drawings (pdf, jpg, png, doc) of your footprint by 23:59 Tuesday 26th May to Note that they will be printed on A4 sheets due to limited printer access. Alternatively, please send your physical copy footprints by Friday 22nd of May to: “Footprints” C/O Ms Sheehy, Capel Place, 3 Arbourfield Terrace, Dundrum Road, D14 NY1D. We will collect all footprints on A4 sheets of paper. A member who lives within 5km of Daíl can then deliver them, without breaking any laws or putting anyone at risk. Just because we are stuck at home doesn’t mean our voices will be silenced at this crucial time. We hope you will take part in our protest with all of your artiest and craftiest skills. Feel free to get your family and friends involved, and show off your artistic talent! Love and Rage, Extinction Rebellion Ireland. #PutYourFootDown P.S. For inspiration, please see the team’s own footprints they have already made.