Over two years ago, in March 2020, Nick Hanafin and Siana Fitzjohn boarded OMV's oil rig as it travelled through the Cook Strait. The giant COSL Prospector had been conducting deep sea exploratory oil drilling in the Canterbury Basin, and was en route to do more oil drilling offshore in Taranaki. Nick and Siana boarded the oil rig to bring attention to the dangerous pursuit of fossil fuels in the ocean, and to interrupt OMV's drilling operations. 2 years later, MBIE decided to prosecute. We'd love to invite you all to the sentencing, come show your support and join us for some stories afterwards.* From lost van keys to broken boat engines to a tense chase over the open ocean, this action was an adventure. So cross your fingers for us, and we'll see you all in court! We will meet outside the Lichfield St. side of the court house to give Siana and Nick lots of support and take photos. Their court appearance is scheduled for 2.15pm. *location for after court get-together to be confirmed.

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