Did you know Australia exports 37.5% of the worlds' coal? It is Australia’s biggest contribution to the climate crisis. In 2016 Newcastle exported 160 Million tonnes of coal, which is equal to 460Mt of CO2 per year – almost equivalent to Australia’s entire domestic emissions, that's as much as every Australian household, vehicle and industry combined. Australia is the world's third-biggest exporter of fossil fuels behind only Russia and Saudi Arabia. Australia must be a good global citizen and take responsibility for the impact of our exported emissions – we have a huge impact on the problem. Before this year is over we are going to block coal ships with a covid friendly NonViolent flotilla of kayaks! Come along to help build the power of the people to stand up to the big polluters. Everyone is invited. Everyone is needed. We will be providing 50 x double sit-on-top kayaks for registered people to use on the day. These kayaks are very stable and easy to use and come with a life-jacket. You are also welcome to bring your own kayak, surfboard, yacht, or other vessel. We will be providing a legal briefing, a safety briefing the weekend before, and will have water safety trainers on the day. All Participants must be registered here: https://takethepledge.earth/ (Registration will be used for both communications and Covid restrictions) We make 3 demands: TELL THE TRUTH - Declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency - working with institutions to communicate the urgency for change. The Australian public has been concertedly deceived by its own government and media by the power of the Coal Lobby. Evidence of disinformation campaigns date back 30 years. We know that the biggest coal companies, involving some of the wealthiest and most well connected people in Australia have been using established relationships within Industry groups, Lobbying and sections of the media, to influence decisions at the highest level of government. ACT NOW - Zero Emissions and halt bio-diversity loss by 2025. For decades the science has warned that fossil fuels have to end and there is still no plan to support coal industry workers through the coming transition. We demand a transition plan to guide a managed decline of the Hunter Valley coal industry, and to embrace the clean energy of the future, such as solar, wind, waves and battery storage. The plan must be urgent and fair for all peoples. New Fossil Fuel and Nuclear projects must be stopped and subsidies to these industries must be ended. BEYOND POLITICS - Binding Peoples Assemblies, advised by scientists and First Nations people, on Climate and ecological justice. Politics is broken, between lobbyists and career politicians we can not trust our political system with an emergency transition. Peoples assemblies have been used all around the world with resounding success.