The UN's 26th annual climate conference (known as the Conference of Parties or COP) due to be held in Glasgow in November 2020 has been postponed to November 2021. The venue is expected to remain Glasgow. In the face of the travel restrictions and social distancing measures now in place globally, the vital diplomacy to build consensus for an historic outcome at COP 26 simply could not take place. Therefore the inevitable decision has been postponement. This will hopefully allow all nations around the world to emerge from lockdown in sufficient time to rebuild the complex set of initiatives needed to deliver the radically tough measures that, 6 years after the much-lauded Paris Agreement (COP 21), will reset every nation's targets for emissions reductions. Coronavirus has shown just how much can be achieved almost overnight if the science is listened to and the political will is present. The post-COVID world cannot be allowed to return to business as usual. The colossal global reaction to the virus presents us with a generational opportunity to deliver meaningful system change to take on an even greater threat - the climate and ecological emergency. Home to one of the world's most environmentally conscious populations, it is essential that COP 26 builds on Paris to get the world's nation states back on track to prevent runaway climate change. With the world's eyes on the UK, this is what XR must now build up to and we plan to put as many Rebels on the streets as possible to create climate justice history.

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