From Jan. 26 to March 15, we will be meeting every Sunday afternoon from 3 to 5pm. We will be gathering not only as a local community but with others around the world for this unique course featuring some of the most powerful voices today at the intersection of mindfulness, Buddhist practice and the ecological crisis. Each session will include background materials, a core session video featuring a leading voice in ecodharma, inquiries we can explore individually and together, follow-up materials and more. In addition to our own gathering, all registered participants will be invited to join monthly live conversations online for all those registered for the training around the world. If you want to register with One Earth at the group rate of $108 US (which ends up being $147 CND), please use this link: However, if you need financial support and want to apply for a scholarship then go straight here: You can find out more about the course at Together, we stand at an edge. An edge of imminent ecological disaster and social upheaval. As the reality of the climate crisis becomes increasingly evident in the here-and-now, our individual and collective responses to it need to be both acted upon and contemplated. The whole spectrum of responses, ranging from some kind of denial or a disavowal of this crisis, may be shifting to either passive acceptance or transitioning straight into anxiety, despair or rage. One important element in the activists task is to sustain the ability to continue being of help - in whatever way we can - in the midst of our sometimes overwhelming internal responses to the climate crisis and to balance these responses with equanimity and clear purpose. The profound uncertainty of the future and the mind-boggling and heart-breaking situation faced by our planet must be met with compassionate clarity and our responses transformed into a deeply rooted, durable, and purposeful response. This is fundamentally a spiritual task - both individual and collective. With the support of Buddhist traditional wisdom and practices, we invite you to join us in One Earth Sangha’s EcoSattva Training to come together and engage in this spiritual task. The EcosSattva Training program will draw on insights from Buddhism and the growing field of climate psychology and give us the opportunity to explore our thoughts and feelings about the climate crisis so we can learn to respond to it authentically, positively and whole-heartedly. Together, we will explore this time of intensifying change and cultivate the wisdom, compassion and equanimity that can carry us forward.