Extinction Rebellion Introduction sessions will be online during COVID-19! If you need support getting onto Zoom, please contact us directly via Facebook messenger. The Zoom Link will be added to this page half an hour before the event. These online meetings will be well facilitated and easy to use, if you need any extra technical support please send us a message. The first half of the meeting involves slides and information about Extinction Rebellion and the second half focuses on questions/conversations. Come and find out how you can get involved in Extinction Rebellion Scotland! You do not need to be willing to be arrested, there are plenty of working groups, activities and skills to share in this vibrant movement. By the end of the session, you’ll have a better understanding of the aims and demands of Extinction Rebellion, and how you can bring your skills and energy to the inclusive and people-driven community that we’re building in Scotland, the UK, and the world. Time is running out. And along with many others, we are doing something about it! We welcome everyone and every part of everyone. All questions are welcomed and dialogue is key. The event is free