Bring your boats, canoes, kayaks and any flotation devices you have, we are hitting the water for this action! Pirate costumes welcomed! We will be doing a peace flotilla, to bear witness to this illegal shipment of "blood phosphate" coming into Lyttelton for Ravensdown. The ship is called the Federal Crimson, tracking details listed below. There is an option to blockade the ship if people are interested. Life jackets essential. IMPORTANT TO KNOW: The date of this action is dependent on the ships progress. Keep an eye out here for updates on the date/time. If you would like text updates please PM Josie Butler and she will add you to the list. The Federal Crimson (great name for a villain ship!) is likely to be in port around the 24th/25th November (the boat docks in Napier before Lyttelton). Meet at Naval Point Club by the public toilets (where the freedom campers are). Parking on site, boat ramp and smaller ramps available for launching. Approximately 900m paddle for kayaks to the location. Track the ships progress here: We are demanding that Ravensdown and Ballance Agri Nutrients immediately cease their illegal imports, and look at reimbursing the Saharawi people for their goods that they have taken. Background: Ravensdown are trying to pull the wool over kiwis eyes by bringing in thousands and thousands of tonnes of stolen phosphate into Lyttelton Harbour this month aboard the Federal Crimson ship. They are bringing in 18 months worth of phosphate to stock pile, due to amounting local pressures for them to halt their illegal imports immediately. New Zealand is the only country left in the world that's still funding the brutal and illegal occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco. Ravensdown and Balance Agri-Nutrients are the only two clients left who still continue to buy the stolen phosphate. Last year a ship carrying phosphates destined for New Zealand was detained in South Africa as their courts ruled that the cargo was stolen from the people of Western Sahara. A boat was also detained in Panama for the same reason. Western Sahara was invaded by Morocco in 1975. 165,000 people are still living in a refugee camp in neighbouring Algeria despite a UN peace plan that proposed a referendum for Western Sahara’s independence in 1991. The Saharawi people are separated from their homeland by a 2700km sand wall personned by 120,000 soldiers. “The occupation is brutal” said Josie Butler, spokesperson for the Otautahi group, “I think the people of Christchurch would be horrified to know that a local business is funding such an injustice.” The people of Western Sahara are calling for Ravensdown LTD and Ballance agri-nutrients to “stop stealing their future”. The two NZ fertilizer cooperatives are the last two companies that still import from the occupied region apart from one Indian company partially owned by the Moroccan royal family. Representative of the Polisario Front, Kamal Fadel says that the phosphate trade funds the occupation and also signifies “de-facto recognition” of Morocco's claim to the territory.