PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO THE CORONA VIRUS THESE WORKSHOPS WILL NOW RUN AS AN ONLINE WEBINARS IN AN ALTERED FORMAT. PLEASE SEE BREAKDOWN OF SESSIONS BELOW. You must now register via the Eventbrite link above to attend, so that we can make sure we can communicate clearly with all attendees. DESCRIPTION A series of workshops aimed at empowering people in the grassroots climate justice movement to organise effectively and collectively. Good facilitation is key to helping your organising meetings go smoothly. These workshops will explore practical facilitation skills to assist you to organise in your local groups or affinity groups. We will also explore how deliberation and practicing different decision making processes (like consensus) can be a form of activism in itself. This training is angled at the direct action and climate justice space, but these concepts and skills can be used in many different contexts and communities. The workshops are FREE, but we ask that you please consider making a donation to Pay The Rent. There can be no climate justice without justice for the sovereign people of these lands. We live and organise on the stolen land – sovereignty was never ceded. The fight for climate justice is bound with the struggle for First Nations' sovereignty. We pay our respects to the traditional custodians of this land, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, and their elders past, present and emerging. Skill Up 2020 aims to present our workshops through a climate justice lens by sharing information and resources about climate justice, decolonisation and First Nations' sovereignty. By centring this in our trainings, we hope to facilitate a conversation about how various climate action groups can meaningfully contribute to solidarity work. We invite groups who attend or co-host our sessions to come prepared to explore the idea of climate justice and how we can act as allies and accomplices in the fight for sovereignty and climate justice. BREAKDOWN OF SERIES INTRO SESSIONS (this event) – please register via Eventbrite link above. April 11, 10am-12pm: Module 1 April 12, 10am-12pm: Module 2 MODULE 1: The first session will cover how to facilitate an effective and inclusive organising meeting/action planning session and will run through the consensus decision making process. MODULE 2: Session two will expand on the skills and concepts from Module 1, delve deeper into the theory and practice of the consensus process, and share facilitation 'micro skills' to help facilitators navigate different meeting environments and troubleshoot common stumbling blocks. These first two modules (April 11 & 12) will present similar content to 'Workshop 1' that ran in March. ------------ ADVANCED SESSIONS WILL RUN THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND – Please only register for these sessions after attending the 'intro sessions' or if you came along to Workshop 1 in March. April 18 10am-12pm: Module 2 April 19: 10am-12pm