Our Climate Cafés form a series of open (and thematic!) discussions surrounding the nature of the Extinction Rebellion, in the context of Calgary. We invite you to share with us your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and related experiences in these café-style gatherings. We'll post a link to join the call half an hour before we start :-) This week's theme: Non-Violent Direct Actions The ninth principle of the Extinction Rebellion is that we are a Non-Violent movement. What do non-violent direct actions look like in the context of our communities, city, and larger regions? What are some ways to practice non-violent direct action ourselves? Want to prepare? Take a look at our Principles and Values and the Rebel Starter Pack. P&V: https://rebellion.earth/the-truth/about-us/ Starter Pack: https://rebellion.earth/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/REBEL-STARTER-PACK-14-March-2019.pdf