Yoga Nidra is a form of very deep guided meditation, where a Sankalpa, or intention is set at the start & end (I will suggest a Sankalpa you are welcome to use if you don't already have one, or can't think of one). We will allow about 15 minutes to gently move & stretch the body, preparing it to remain as still as possible for the duration of the Nidra. You can sit or lie down as you prefer & I would recommend having a cosy blanket & cushions to support your body as comfortably as possible. Beginning with relaxation of the body, breath awareness, then visualisation, Nidra is deeply restorative & can be practiced by anyone. Our poem this evening is from "The Mirage of Separation" by Billy Doyle ISBN - 978-0-9558290-0-0 Please use this link to view the Nidra: Stream will start at 21.00 UK time The video will be available to play again after the stream has ended.