26/5/20 7- 8.30pm How to face the mess we’re in without going crazy! – Jeannie Thompson Based on the amazing work of Joanna Macy and The Work that Reconnects. This workshop helps us draw on our deepest resources and widest perspectives to act without attachment to outcomes. Our intention is to help you feel more refreshed, balanced and strengthened, and to take away practical techniques. Hosted by XR Nottingham: We believe that the Rebellion can constructively utilise the COVID lockdown to empower ourselves to be better Rebels. We can meet to share knowledge, build our skills, and keep our community alive, so we can return united and stronger when the time comes💚 All events will be held on zoom with the same link: https://zoom.us/j/183410123 All sessions will start at 7pm promptly, please arrive on time! We ask all participants to read this document beforehand about how we create and hold spaces. New to Zoom, or Zoom meetings? Please click the meeting link at 6.45pm to ensure you’re up to speed.