Sharing circle - This is an online face-to-face space for sharing your thoughts and concerns. Offering one hour of facilitated sharing, giving everyone equal opportunity to be heard. We value listening equally and no one should feel forced to have to talk. You may also prefer not to have your camera on, this is ok. Please keep your mic muted when you are not speaking. We take turns to facilitate. The facilitator needs to be able to view all participants on one screen so they can see when people put their hands up to add a direct point or to speak next. Each session starts with a check in where each participant says in 2-3 words how they are feeling and passes onto the next participant. Then each participant has up to 4mins to share their thoughts and feelings and what they have been up to, what they have watched, listened to, read in relation to XR, Covid-19, life after the medical crisis, sustainable living etc. If there is time, the facilitator can lead a second, shorter round of sharing and then close by leading a check out where each person says something they are grateful for before closing the zoom room. Join zoom room: