All interested folks are welcome to attend our monthly in-person meetings! Our next meeting will be held at The Cathedral of Learning on Pitt, first floor. Look for an XR sign at one of the tables. **** If you want to become a NEW MEMBER, please bring a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc). You will need a device to set yourself up on our more secure online platforms. You will also need it to read our Mission, Demands, and Principles: Norms of XR PGH Spaces: **** This is our current meeting structure: 6:00-6:30 -- New Member Induction & Working Group Discussion (for established members); 6:30-8:30 -- Meeting Agenda (posted on Keybase). If we adjourn early, the extra time can be used to answer further questions from new members and/or make further plans in working groups. Hope to see you, Rebels!