On the 4th of February at 8am, we’re going to disrupt the opening of parliament. Dirty politicians on both sides of politics have sold our only shot at a liveable future to dirty fossil fuel corporations—and it’s time they accepted their dirty money out in the open. That’s why we’re going to deliver big bags of dirty coal money to the politicians as they arrive. There’ll also be mass civil disobedience in the form of a mass march, singing, dancing, an opportunity for people to speak—and, as always, the chance for people to take non-violent direct action of their own. Why dirty coal money? . THREE QUICK FACTS 1 We just witnessed a climate catastrophe on this continent. A red dawn on the first day of the new decade. More than twenty people dead. Over a billion animals incinerated. Children cowering in the ocean as their world burned around them. 2 The science says this disaster was a direct result of years of burning fossil fuels, including coal. 3 Your government recently extinguished native title and donated $4.4 billion of your money to a private corporation to open the biggest coal basin in the world. What does this mean? The system is broken. There’s no denying it: if you want a future, you’ll have to take direct action to get it. No more petitions, no more letters, no more standing politely in parks with signs and no more marching where the police say you can march. Everything you love is about to go up in flames and your government is throwing fossil fuel on the fire. Nonviolent direct action is the only way to stop it. Act like it. . WHAT CAN YOU DO? Everyone is welcome to join our mass action on the day or plan your own disruptive nonviolent action in solidarity with us. If you want to take highly disruptive action in the name of Extinction Rebellion, form a small group of likeminded people—this is called an affinity group. Then make a plan that follows the ten principles of XR (https://ausrebellion.earth/principles/). We suggest affinity groups plan in person and seek advice from experienced activists—reach out to our page if you’d like to meet with one of our veteran rebels. If you’d like to have a hand in planning the mass action (or making art, coordinating legal observers, or getting the message out), come to meetings! Our meetings are listed on the @[243838989838892:274:Extinction Rebellion SEQ] events page and in the @[2221691491406671:69:Extinction Rebellion SEQ Discussion Group]. We’re a non-hierarchical group of volunteers. We make decisions based on consensus, and everyone’s welcome. We can’t do it alone. . WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? This is an act of nonviolent direct action (https://beautifultrouble.org/tactic/direct-action/), part of our escalating campaign of direct action and civil disobedience to fight for climate justice. Why direct action? Because indirect action—a big one-off protest, a petition, a letter to politicians—hasn't worked, and direct action does. Nonviolent direct action is a way of protesting directly to the institution causing the problem, disrupting the business of that institution, and forcing action. A strategic campaign of nonviolent direct action has worked in the past and will work again. Direct action is why we get weekends, overtime, penalty rates, and safe workplaces. It’s why women and First Nations people have the right to vote. It’s why anybody can marry the person they love. A few resources on direct action and civil disobedience: Nonviolent direct action and your rights: https://www.actionreadyqld.com/nonviolent-direct-action An example of a successful direct action here in Brisbane: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-08/curious-brisbane-when-was-the-ban-on-women-drinking-in-public/9518222 A manual for a direct action campaign: https://wagingnonviolence.org/2017/07/manual-new-era-direct-action/ Direct action ideas: https://beautifultrouble.org/all-modules/ This particular direct action will be taking place on the stolen lands of the Jagera, Turrbal, Yuggera and Yugarabul peoples of Meanjin/Brisbane and surrounds, who sustainably looked after this land for tens of thousands of years. Massive bushfires... A dead reef... Towns running out of drinking water… After 250 years of colonisation, that’s what one degree of warming looks like on this continent. What are you going to do about it? #ActNow #TellTheTruth #NoNewCoal #Decolonise #AustraliaBurning #ExtinctionRebellion #XRSEQ