Extinction Rebellion's Demand 3 is to set up a Citizens Assembly to help drive the changes needed to respond to a Climate Emergency. In Wales we have been pushing the Welsh Government to establish a National Citizens Assembly in Wales as soon as possible. They have put £140 million in the draft budget to decarbonise Wales. We will know more shortly exactly how it will be be spent. Now we need to develop the Working Group that will keep up the pressure to make sure we get a Citizens Assembly that will really make a difference. No matter if you don't know much about Citizens Assemblies, we'll learn together. We need a small team of people interested in researching how other Citizens Assemblies have been run, thus able to critique and suggest the format we need in Wales. We need a bigger team of people interested in promoting the idea of Citizens Assemblies and direct democracy to the Welsh public. This group will deliver the Citizens Assembly Talk, adapting it to particular audiences, and work alongside the Outreach Working Group. We need a small team interested in liaising with other key players in Wales and the UK and will negotiate with Welsh Government. All three teams will work together, meet together monthly - we'll get to know each other, support each other, share food and make it fun. This is SUCH exciting work as here in Wales we have cross-party support and a First Minister keen to do this Citizens Assembly well. So research-types are needed; communicators who want to develop skills in giving talks; thinkers and do-ers, extrovert and introverts. Please come a join us on Thursday 23rd. There is lots to do, but with friendly people to share the work - its manageable. Bring some vegan food to share if you can.