>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> XR HACKNEY MEETING 9th December 2019 AGENDA 8:30pm - Welcome to the Main Meeting This week's meeting (9th December) will have a Training Session of 'Self Organising Systems (SOS)' and XR Strategy. So please attend if you'd like to get trained up on these subjects. 10:00pm - Finish and Pub! All are welcome to join Bring vegan food/snacks to share if you wish. We have disabled access. Children are welcome as long as supervised. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BEYOND POLITICS Please note Extinction Rebellion is an apolitical movement for change, which means we don't identify or support one single political party. The reason we remain neutral and act 'Beyond Politics' is because we are in a Climate and Ecological Emergency, which affects all of us and therefore needs an everyone/cross-party action taking NOW!