Want to know the truth about climate change? Want to help, but don't know how? Curious what Extinction Rebellion is? Then come join us at this talk! Whether you already know what Extinction Rebellion is, you want to get more active or you just want to inform yourself, we welcome all! Our house is (literally) on fire, and not enough is happening to stop this. No matter if the climate is totally your thing or not at all - it's your life and you deserve to know the truth about what is happening to our future. The talk is divided into: a) the science behind the climate and ecological crisis we're facing, and b) why Extinction Rebellion follows a strategy of mass civil disobedience to tackle the situation. There is room for questions and discussion after the talk. Please bring your family, friends, and colleagues! Location Tuesday the 5th: Biosciences Complex Room 1102 (Queen's University) Location Monday the 18th: Biosciences Complex Room 1103 (Queen's University)