Meeting link: Meeting ID: 839 7930 4491 Passcode: 206978 --------------------------------------------- Meeting Opens at 6.45, please join by 7.00, meeting will be locked at 7.10. This is a meeting to discuss any and all matters relating to XR activities in Ireland. All are welcome, even if you've never had any involvement with XRI before: we'll do our best to get you up to speed before things get underway. If you have any questions or any matters you'd like included in the meeting, feel free to send us a message. The sections are: - Introduction: How the meeting will be run for anyone that's new to XRI or is unfamiliar with this meeting format. - Debriefs: Reports on actions and work people have been undertaking recently Small group discussions: The whole assembly of people breaks up into small groups to discuss topics in detail. Anyone can propose a topic, in advance or at the meeting, and we'll accommodate as many topics as possible. Each group generally focuses completely on one topic. - Feedback from groups: A member of each group gives a report on what was discussed and decided in their discussion. - Reactions to feedback: Space to discuss matters arising from the small group discussions - Notices: Any ongoing work, plans or projects that people would like to promote or recruit for without discussion. Regular examples include newly formed working groups, updates from established groups or invitations to upcoming activities. Please feel free to send on any items you'd like included in one of these sections - or anything that doesn't quite fit into any of them - and we'll find a way to fit it in! Love & Rage, XRI Facilitators Team

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