If you're wondering about joining Extinction Rebellion (XR), this is the Training for you. With a group of like-minded people, you'll find out what XR is all about - its aims, tactics, values, organisation - and why we are committed to Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA). You'll find out about the many, many ways you can get involved with XR, whether or not you are willing to risk being arrested. And you'll experience the solidarity and support which is central to XR, so we can keep ourselves in good shape through the coming months and years. By the end of the Training, you'll have a good idea of what XR is all about, whether you want to get involved, and what is your next step in doing so. This Training builds on the 'Heading for Extinction' talk, and it is helpful (though not essential) if you have done this before doing the training. Experience the talk 'live' locally or watch it online with some supportive friends (it is quite challenging). If at the end of this NVDA-Part-1 training you decide that taking Direct Action may be for you, Your next step is the NVDA-Part-2 training which will cover what you need to know when taking action and dealing with public and police. For everyone's safety, it is essential you do this NVDA-Part-2 training before taking part in XR-actions, and there is an opportunity to do it one week after your NVDA-Part-1 training. Please register on this page to attend and arrive at 18.15 for a prompt start at 18.30 This venue is wheelchair accessible. We will be providing hot drinks and snacks, but please bring a packed tea if you need to eat a meal during the training. If you have any questions, including accessibility issues, please contact Derek:dereklangley@protonmail.com