This talk, hosted by Extinction Rebellion NI's Regenerative Culture & Wellbeing Group, is part of Reclaim the Agenda’s International Women’s Day 2021 programme. Talk & discussion via Zoom. Register for the event via the Eventbrite ticket link above. Speakers: Eithne McNulty, Self Help Africa Lynda Sullivan, Friends of the Earth Women are bearing the brunt of climate chaos and eco destruction in the Global South, facing decimation of livelihood and community, famine and forced migration. In the Global North women’s rights have been rolled back years by the effect of COVID 19 on job losses, and an enforced return to being housebound with kids and little or no support. Feminists have always recognised that women’s rights are indivisibly linked to the rights of others including children, BME women, disabled women, LGBT communities, and impoverished women. Our planet is running out of time, being destroyed by the madness of fossil fuel use and over-consumption driven by corporate greed. It is now clear that to achieve women’s full rights we must protect and defend the rights of the planet. Let’s reclaim lives that are more than that of machines and give our children the gift of a future on a healthy Mother Earth. Our speakers will share women’s experiences of environmental challenges in Uganda and Peru and the spread of eco activism happening in NI. Everyone welcome for this informative talk and discussion on how best to help bring about change, connect the feminist agenda here with women’s global eco struggles and build collective well-being in the face of the planetary crisis.

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