ZOOM REGISTRATION REQUIRED BEFOREHAND: —- 1 hour 45 mins NVC Breathe Practice Online, interactive workshops looking at nonviolence in the context of activism. This training will provide: • a deeper understanding of nonviolence • a brief introduction to Nonviolent Communication • one-on-one de-escalation with a range of different scenarios • practical role-playing exercises De-escalation is a key skill for anyone involved in any action. It helps maintain nonviolent interactions and atmosphere. XR's nonviolence has both a strategic and ethical dimension: Strategically, nonviolence is an effective tool in mass mobilisations, as evidenced by social science research. Upholding nonviolent tension means actively creating a respectful culture and basis for trust whilst also exposing and confronting injustice. To let us know about your accessibility needs or organise a workshop for your regional group, please email: Training resource (handouts and videos):

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