It's Black Friday, lets take to the streets! Stand with us in the heart of Brisbane/Meanjin to speak truth to power. This action will involve members of the community defying the ban on public and speaking out in the Queens St Mall, telling the truth about the climate crisis and outlining what we can do about it. Come for the truth and stay to resist. We will be holding a people's assembly practicing direct democracy and doing so we will be reclaiming our civil liberties. This is before we go and sit in the road for a few hours to practice for the upcoming protest on the 10th of December. A private company 'Brisbane Advertising' owns all rights to advertising in the centre of the city in Queen Street mall, this means raising your voice or holding a sign is illegal but we're going to do it anyway. The people must know the TRUTH so we will be giving it away for free! We live in an age of denial, our consent is manufactured and forced upon us by the media and advertising industries. We are living though a climate emergency that threatens all life on earth but the crisis is portrayed as a political problem only for those who care about trees. Two degrees of warming is locked in and we are staring down the barrel of social collapse and mass starvation. Join us as we defy the ban on free speech and broadcast the truth, right in the heart of consumerism and advertising in Brisbane/Meanjin. Extinction Rebellion demands a binding citizen's assembly to transition Australia to Net Zero emissions and halt biodiversity loss by 2025.