Join us in forming a great blue wave of people, for a family-friendly event full of music, creativity, and colour. Dress up in blues and greens (and wellies!) to represent the rising sea-levels and flooding caused by the changing climate. The aim of this event is to warn our friends and neighbours in Glasgow about the dangers we face together as a result of climate crisis. It is still possible to make the changes needed to prevent the worst effects, but we must act now. The Blue Wave is also a celebration of all we love about the city of Glasgow. Bring friends, bring family, bring fun, bring joy: let’s make it a wild and watery day to remember. The first wave video. STV report on the blue wave We are delighted to announce that food 4 scotland will be joining us at the start of the event. Please bring along your own Tupperware and cutlery to help cut down on waste. If you have any concerns about accessibility for this event, please send us a message at Extinction Rebellion Glasgow and we will be happy to assist you. If you are an artist or performer and wish to do something special during the event then please contact us at 🙂💚