This is a time of unprecedented disruption. Systems we relied on before are on the brink of collapse and immediate actions are needed on multiple levels. At the same time, beyond the much needed addressing of the symptoms, we urgently have to dedicate time and resources to the root causes - to understand them more fully, become collectively more aware of their inter-relatedness and reflect together in order to create wise(r) actions. This is why we, as Catalysts from Collaboratio Helvetica, and members of XR, resp. Gute Entwicklung, have co-initiated the Swiss version of the GAIA journey, which started well with a growing number of participants in the “exhale” calls. Based on the global GAIA journey, we are launching a 2 month process of engaging motivated individuals, pioneers and stakeholders in sense-making, sharing reflections, understanding the root causes and exploring possible solutions that address them. The process - which we call Nova Helvetia - is unfolding in thematic groups that will work together, focusing on a specific topic or question to explore. The groups will be accompanied in their reflection process and exploration of their topic, and create a reflection paper as an output that can be shared with the other groups. As a summary for those who missed it, we introduced Nova Helvetia (our Swiss version of the GAIA journey). Process The suggested process for Nova Helvetia builds on cutting-edge social technologies and collective intelligence methods. It suggests a step-by-step phasing as follows: Sense-making and create a shared sense of the commons Deepening our shared understanding of the system, its intergenerational patterns & root causes What are we learning - individually and collectively - from this situation regarding this topic, including both what seems to be healthy responses and success behaviours we want to keep emphasizing, as well as where we see incomplete or missing solutions Activate our local and national ecosystem in a shared effort Sense into and co-create a shared intention of a regenerative future(s) Share our insights, thoughts and possible new solutions in reflection papers to be able to wisely take actions that are aligned with the future we envision together Based on the learnings and insights we address and work with the current issues from a newly informed and shared vantage point Focus: Democracy in transformation The group on "Democracy in Transformation" deals with issues that really bring about a change in politics. In Switzerland, too, we are talking about a reform backlog, difficult consensus building, power struggles between parties, influence of lobbyists, loss of public confidence in politics, quality of submissions, etc. as well an urgent need to solve pressuring issues such as climate change and the ecological crisis. This list is not exhaustive, but it shows that it is important to address these issues, even though we have achieved a high level of direct democracy. Our focus is on the active participation of citizens (residents) in the form of citizens' meetings, citizens' assemblies, citizens' councils, etc. as well as their effects and limits. Zoom-Meeting Meeting-ID: 995 0771 5547 Passwort: 093740 With love and cou*rage