Rebel Readings, a new XR book club/reading group will be having its first get together next Tuesday the 12th November at 7pm until 9pm in Conradh na Gaeilge. The first book will be XR cofounder Roger Hallam's Common Sense for the 21st Century (available to download for free here All are welcome and some knowledge of the text, while desirable, is not essential to take part. Extinction Rebellion aspires to be a broad movement of concerned people from every walk of life. Rebel Readings offers us a chance to engage with ideas in the company of people outside our normal circle in relation to topics of shared interest. Rebel Readings will let us learn from each other, critically explore important issues and increase our own climate and activism literacy. And it will be fun! Rebel Readings is a book club for Extinction Rebellion activists. We will meet semi-regularly to discuss pre-agreed texts related to the climate emergency, the biodiversity crisis, activism in general, social movements and any other topic related to Extinction Rebellion. Rebel Readings is not an attempt to form policy, demands, strategy or vision for the Extinction Rebellion movement. Readings will be chosen democratically by members.