In this 10 week Empathy Cafe series, we will use the Empathy Circle process to discuss and explore a different Extinction Rebellion Principle each Saturday. We will have an ongoing dialogue about the meaning and application of these principles. Bring your questions, comments, feelings, thoughts, needs and insights. You can share whatever is alive for you. We will address such questions as: * How do you live this principle? * How does this principle support or challenge you? * How might this principle have a tension with another principle? * Etc. SERIES OVERVIEW: WORLD TIMES =================== 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm BST/ 7pm CEST More...., 2020-05-23: # 8: World Times: 2020-05-30: # 9: World Times: 2020-06-06: # 10: World Times: 2020-06-13: # 11: World Times: ONLINE LOCATION =================== Zoom CALL WILL BE RECORDED and posted to social media for educational and promotional purposes. DATES =================== 2020-05-16:: Principle # 7: We Actively Mitigate for Power 2020-05-23: Principle # 8: We Avoid Blaming and Shaming 2020-05-30: Principle # 9: We Are a Non-violent Network 2020-06-06: Principle # 10: We Are Based on Autonomy and Decentralization 2020-06-13: # 11: What Principle would you add to the XR Principles list? COHOSTS ============ * XR Empathy Circle Work Group. * Extinction Rebellion * Extinction Rebellion UK * Extinction Rebellion London * XR Guardianship and Visioning * XR Future Democracy * XR Poland, Switerland, * and many more... be a cohost - contact IN PREPARATION ============ View: How to Empathy Circle? LINKS ============ 1. What is an Empathy Circle? 2. Why Participate? 3. How to Empathy Circle? 4. Empathy Circle Facilitator Training 5. Facilitators Support Group 6. Join: XR Empathy Circle Work Group.