The Mighty Orchid King to play at XR Newham fundraiser gig. Hey guys! This is going to be a fun night of live music and bringing people together, and while we're at it, we'll also raise some funds for the environmental cause. XR Newham are hosting this fundraiser gig so that we can create more non-violent direct actions in the streets of London. One of Extinction Rebellion's goals in 2020 is to "bring a million people into active support and persuade 50% of the UK to see the Emergency as our country’s top priority." With that in mind, it's down to the local groups to rise up together! This is the Movement of Movements, the envirornmental catastrophe we face is the most impotant cause anyone can align themselves to. So join in and together we can also focus on XR's Regenerative Culture, another one of the goals for 2020: to build our inner strength, live the principle and values of XR in everything we do and keep the fight going. Our headliners, The Mighty Orchid King, are releasing an album around the time of the fundraiser, with a focus on the environmental cause and with a focus on how our love for each other and music is one of the ways we'll win this fight together. So if you're looking for a way to contribute to the cause and regenerate yourself along the way, look no further! Come for a good boogie and a rock out at the Orchid Rebellion!