~WHAT~ Join Extinction Rebellion on leap year for the rare opportunity of kicking nestle and seven springs water company out of Ginnie Springs and into no man's land! Join our flotilla of water protectors on the head spring of Ginnie Springs for a fun and family friendly sit in on the water! This is a direct action on the Santa Fe River regarding Our Outstanding Florida Springs! -A river is like a life: once taken, it cannot be brought back- ~HOW~ This water action via kayaks, canoes and inflatable rafts. Bring your own signs or decorate your boat with the intent to bring awareness to stop this water grab from Seven Springs Water Company and Nestle. Come with your own water vessel and sit with us at the head spring of Ginnie Spring. Don't have one of your own no worries we are fundraising for the kayaks, transportation and camping. In Fact we have already secured some funds to cover some of the vessels. These are first come first serve and you will need to let us know before the day of the event. once the funds run out people will need to rent a vessel on their own. There are rental businesses in the community that can serve you to secure a boat as well; we have one business that has agreed to offer discounts for this event(please ask for the name of business). We will not be entering the park or its land, all actions will be done by water. *MORE DETAILS WILL BE GIVEN AT OUR MEETINGS* 02/11/20 7:30PM St. Pete Community Acupuncture 1624 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33712 02/16/20 4;30PM Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture 6420 N Central Ave, Tampa, Florida 33604 ~WHY~ The same people who own Seven Springs Water Company also own Ginnie Springs Outdoors campground. Seven Springs is selling the spring water that feeds Ginnie Springs and the Devil’s Eye/Ear Complex to Nestle International. The water use permit for Seven Springs Water Company to extract 1,152,000 gallons of water daily from Ginnie Springs. Nestle has recently been bottling this water under the brand name Zephyrhills with an existing 20 year old permit which has been going through the permit process by the Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD). Old permit expired June 2019. The SRWMD Board will ultimately decide the fate of this on March 10, 2020 9am and is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Suwannee River Management District 9225 CR 49 Live Oak, FL 32060 Phone: 386.362.1001 Toll Free: 800.226.1066 Nearly 9,000 people have filed comments with the local water management district, most of them asking it to deny the permit request. ~THE FACTS~ -Florida’s laws require springs protection -Florida has over a 1000 springs -Florida’s water is the common property of all citizens -Our surface waters are polluted with nutrients which feed frequent harmful algal blooms -The price tag to restore Florida’s waters has been estimated to cost $50 billion over 20 years. -We need to reduce the amount of groundwater pumping to recover the Santa Fe River springs ~PREDICTIONS~ -By 2030 Florida will not have enough clean drinking water to supply our population...that is only 10 years away!! -By 2050 we are at HIGH RISK of running out of fresh water...30 years away ~FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION~ -According to the FDEP website, the mission of the five water management districts is to: a) provide adequate water supply for the future; b) protect water quality; c) flood protection and floodplain management; d) protect natural systems. -If FDEP and the water management districts are protecting Florida’s springs, why are nearly all our springs unhealthy and continuing to decline -unbelievably, they are issuing more groundwater pumping permits -permitting nearly 5 billion gallons of groundwater withdrawals per day from the Floridan Aquifer, our water management districts continue to issue thousands of new well permits each year. -the only money the state collects for the water is a one-time $115 application fee paid by the company doing the pumping ~The Floridan aquifer~ The majority of water extracted for human use in Florida (about 90%) comes from the Floridan aquifer; The largest aquifer in the southeastern U.S. approximately 100,000 square miles in extent and underlying all of Florida and portions of Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. It isn’t the largest aquifer in the world. It is, however, one of the most productive aquifers in the world! It is estimated that there are over a trillion gallons of water stored in the Floridan Aquifer! -The Floridan aquifer is our primary source of potable water, and it is being depleted as indicated by reduced water flow in our springs -Groundwater from the Floridan Aquifer is the primary source of water for human activities throughout north Florida ~THE SPRINGS~ Florida’s 1,000 + freshwater springs are scaled and categorized by the average amount of water that they discharge. These categories are also known as magnitudes. Florida’s springs can range anywhere from large first magnitude springs to small eighth magnitude springs! Florida’s springs are the largest by volume in the world, giving birth to and supporting entire river ecosystems like the Suwannee and the Santa Fe. Collectively, Florida’s springs historically discharges over 10 billion gallons of fresh groundwater each day. Florida's Springs are the world's largest and most impressive array of freshwater springs and they are seriously imperiled—due to long-term rainfall deficit, groundwater over-pumping, pollution and neglect. Nearly all of Florida’s springs are suffering from a combination of anthropocentric impacts that include declining flows and increasing pollution due to accelerated human development. -Florida’s springs, even in state parks, no longer support healthy ecosystems and are impacted by human activities, including excessive groundwater diversions and nutrient loads -It's clear that they're past the point of harm. -they are in recovery -24 of the springs are impaired -Springs that were translucent-blue 25 years ago are now green-brown and most of their plants and fish are gone. -Once a spring dies there Is no bringing it back ~SANTA FE RIVER~ Santa Fe Springshed has shrunk by about 37% – meaning the area that supplies water to the Santa Fe springs, such as Ginnie, has significantly decreased in size, causing reduced spring flow. This change is due, in part, to a declining rainfall trend but increased groundwater pumping is the main culprit.- The Florida Springs Institute Based on the science alone, this permit should be denied because removing water from the Santa Fe River which has Minimum Flow and Level (MFL) data showing it is in “recovery”, which means more water needs to be protected in its natural system not be removed. -4yrs ago, state water managers determined that the flow in the Santa Fe River and nearby springs had declined below a level that's sustainable and that action must be taken to help the aquifer recover -The flow is down 28% from historical levels -The Florida Springs Institute ~NESTLE~ Nestle has a track record of coming into economically depressed, rural communities that have weak water laws to secure water rights which it uses for their freshwater sales in plastic bottles. According to Nestle’s own product label, there are at least six known springsheds in which this behemoth corporation has already secured water use rights in Florida under the Zephyrhills label. The current combined water mining extraction for this one company alone is over 3.6 million gallons of water daily from our famous Florida springs and now they want Ginnie Springs. -Nestlé won't say how much it's paying Seven Springs for the water