We would love to see you at our fortnightly meetings, held in the Atteys building in Doncaster Town Centre, which is opposite Refurnish on Cleveland Street and a short walk from the train or bus station, with a car park for cars around the back of the building. Everyone and anyone is welcome! Whether you’re a climate veteran, new to the cause, or just unsure and want to do SOMETHING, we welcome all with open arms as we develop our group and look at ways we can work together for a better Doncaster, and a better future. Our climate is in breakdown, we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction and yet our governments and councils are not taking action against one of the biggest threats to all life. We need to ACT NOW. Come and join us to discuss how we can create and push for this change in ourselves, Doncaster and challenge the system that is failing us all, as well as creating and taking positive steps and actions to help and protect our environment.