Does achieving sustainability now depend on an international campaign of peaceful mass civil disobedience? In trumpeting their progress towards ‘sustainability’ universities have in large part been fooling both students and the greater public, knowingly or unknowingly, into a state of complacency, as they continue to prepare new generations of students for a future which does not exist. Whether or not university personnel have done this in good faith, the fact remains that the climate, ecological and human rights consequences of having done so are horrific. We can no longer deny the brutal physical reality of our global climate and ecological catastrophes. Nor can we shirk our responsibility to act in good faith upon the truth. The window available to bring about meaningful and compassionate change is rapidly slamming shut. There is no room nor time for energies to be wasted or malapportioned through gradualist/reformist education alone. The Declarations of Emergency that rippled through universities in 2020 offered a place to start, but without exception these declarations have yet to be responded to as if the situation they spoke to was real. In this panel discussion students alumni and staff from Exeter, Falmouth and other HE institutions will discuss why they support Mobilise Peace’s campaign to call out universities worldwide to immediate mass peaceful civil disobedience. All welcome, and all questions welcome. Register your free place for this event: Sustainability is more important than ever going into 2021, and we all have our parts to play to create a better world for People and Planet. Shifting towards more sustainable ways of thinking and acting is easier than you think, and we’ve got a host of events to help you do so! Explore what’s in store for ‘Sustainability Week’, a campaign we’re co-delivering with the Universities, and join us for a series of events set to enable you to realise your personal impacts, inspire you to want to adopt sustainable changes in your life, and empower you with the knowledge & skills you need to do so!

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