The NSW Government is still approving new coal. The NSW Government has been unprepared for the bushfires and the resulting smoke and destruction. 28 people are dead nation wide. Over a billion animals incinerated. Ecosystems obliterated. Communities left shattered. If the NSW Government doesn’t tell the truth about the Climate Emergency, how can they ever be prepared to deal with its consequences? Join us on the first sitting day of Parliament this year, at 5.30pm on Tuesday, February 4th. We will march from Town Hall to NSW Parliament where we will deliver our demands and tell the NSW Government to TELL THE TRUTH and declare a CLIMATE EMERGENCY. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said on January 5th: "The weather activity we're seeing, the extent and spread of the fires, the speed at which they're moving, the way they are attacking communities that have never seen fire is unprecedented. We have to accept that.” Okay great, if this is unprecedented, then DECLARE A CLIMATE EMERGENCY. There will be other activities throughout the day and the sitting week. Click 'attending' for updates.