XR North Meeting for all rebels! There is so much to share with all our amazing rebels that we have decided to go to scheduling meetings for the whole of the North twice a month. So next week we have a visit from Anneka and Diane to present to us the new 2021 UK actions strategy. This should be a presentation followed by a Q&A session for everyone to find out the thinking behind the new strategy and hopefully get some great ideas of how, even in the face of lock down, we can come together to push for the system change that it is increasingly so acutely obvious we need. Everyone is welcome, please share with your local groups… Let’s make 2021 the year that change happens! 18:45-20:00 on Monday 18th January 2021. UK Actions strategy 2021 presentation and Q&A. https://zoom.us/j/94856558985 Meeting ID: 948 5655 8985 Passcode: Rebellion