The message is simple: WE NEED A GREEN STIMULUS That’s all. But you may want to add something. Date: 24 May WHO: 2 or more REBELS at Labour & NZ First electoral offices. Throughout the country. MATERIALS Chalk, Chalk Paint (recipe below), Poster (Print attached or make your own) WHAT At your convenience, over the weekend, chalk/ chalk paint and/or poster the local electoral office to encourage them to get the message that we need a Green Economic stimulus. Have fun. Be creative. Green the entrance. Make a bike lane. Paint trees, birds. Dance. Take a video. # to Greenpeace, 350, Forest & Bird submissions. RATIONALE An Opportunity In Aotearoa we have a particular opportunity. Our Government is holding discussions and will be making decisions for a Post Lock Down Economic Stimulus. Several groups are urging and providing a vision for a Green Stimulus. This is includes environment groups such as Greenpeace, 350 & Forest & Bird. Additionally, there are non activist networks also urging the Government to have a stimulus that will meet the Paris Agreement to keep the rise in world temperature to 1.5 degrees, thus voiding the worst of the climate crisis. These include the Australasian Investor Group on Climate Change: the NZ Superfund and the Sustainable Business Association. It is increasing discussed in mainstream media. There is significant pressure for a Green Stimulus package that creates jobs AND honours the Paris Agreement. Can XR increase this pressure? CALL TO ACTION Extinction Rebellion is the fire alarm. We have decision makers who are not hearing the alarm. Yet. Those not hearing the fire alarm include the National Party, NZ First and ACT. Some Labour MPs are reluctant supporters of acting on the climate and ecological emergency. Let’s paint the streets outside the electoral offices of the MP’s in the Parties above. We can chalk/chalk paint and/or poster (Attached for you to print or make your own) the entrance, the doors, the windows, the street around the Offices. We can use social media to ‘Paint the Electoral Offices. We will have already sent out a media release and have a National Spokes Person ready to respond. XR International is stimulating a Paint the Streets campaign. This focuses on an E campaign. In Aotearoa NZ we have a particular situation and can modify to make it ours, while coinciding with the International campaign. .