XR Eliminating White Racism Monthly Drop-in Group for Active XR Members. Location: El Rio Mobile Home Park Rec Hall Note: at this hour you can park at Lenz Arts. Please do not park within the mobile home park. Led by: Christi Voenell, assisted by Michael Levy Open to: XRSC Working Group members (initially at least) Racism has been a key tool to divide people and prevent us from organizing for positive change. It has also been a major stumbling block for organizations working to protect the environment in the US. But it is not a permanent feature of human societies. We can eliminate it. That work falls mostly on white people. When we clean up how racism has affected our minds, our lives improve in all kinds of ways. And this work is absolutely essential for the success of our work on the climate emergency that we care so deeply about. This monthly group will be a drop-in group. (Of course, coming consistently will yield the best results!) We will share stories of how we are working on cleaning up racism, have readings, videos, and special guests, and learn listening tools to support each other in this challenging, rewarding work. Christi has led work on eliminating racism at her workplace and elsewhere, and both Christi and Michael have extensive experience using the tools of Re-evaluation Counseling to work on this topic. We are excited to be starting this new group for XRSC! Please let us know you are coming: Call or text Michael at 408-458-3566 or email levysantacruz@gmail.com.