XR North and a wider XR circles push for CEC (Climate Emergency Centres) is happening. I spoke with Pheonix who heads a non profit organisation that accommodates, legally, buildings not in use to give them back the community and he is keen to support a CEC in Barrow.... Zero Waste Food Project can also get in on the advice and guidance for taking Ford Park House in Ulverston too. This isn't an exclusively XR project it's bigger than XR and is to be a space used by ALL eco, community, food, and arts too etc spaces. XR is just working as a main facilitator. I really could do with some support holding this all together. This is a non arrestable, non street, action, non banner waving call out. Im reaching out for a logistic, admin and memory support team. This is a bigger picture plan and my personal dreams of having our district a self sufficient network of all the covid and pre covid groups having a life line between each other, under one roof. The work load if we can get around 3-5 people would be a 2-3 hours a week to keep a steady flow of information building and arranging meetings with wider rebels, hubs and councils.