~ A message from my heart ~ Dearest Rebels, Warriors and Friends of Earth, I hope this message reaches you all in good health – physically and mentally. In recent months, I have been on my very own Rebellion of One. And now, with deep gratitude and humility, I accept the responsibility to search the right words to share my wonderous insights with you and the world. I have been absolving my graduation project (thesis + internship) for the MSc “Sustainable Energy System Management” and working for the Energy Transition Team of the Gemeente Amsterdam. Here, I conducted a thorough multi-disciplinary research analysis (technical, economic, social & environmental) for a Local Energy Transition Project in the Built Environment of Amsterdam Zuidoost. In a nutshell, the project revolves around the utilization of residual heat from the existing data center AM7 as an alternative heat source to natural gas in Amsterdam. As the residual heat from data centers is currently just rejected into the ambient air, it makes economic and environmental sense to utilize this heat. Informing the people about such topics related to the Energy Transition and the Climate Crisis should be within the responsibility of the governments, however this is currently not observable.. and this has left me with no other choice, other than to attempt to do it myself. After much contemplation, I have come to the understanding that the Energy Transition and the Climate Crisis affects everyone and thus every individual also has the Democratic Right to learn about these topics (if they wish to do so). To mark my words with action, I have started to introduce my research to Extinction Rebellion Nederland and the next session is Study Session is set for Monday, 14. June 2021 @ 18:00-20:00. At that time, I have the pleasure to invite you and share key research insights with the aim to provide everyone with the possibility to their own picture of the current situation; with the prime example of the above-mentioned Local Energy Transition Project as reality-check! One important factor has to be noted beforehand. I have learned that we are required to respect everyone’s time and capacities – no matter how urgent the situation. In the Study Session, I will openly talk about some hard truths and to balance this out, I will also give an outlook on what is already possible. In this context, I would like to encourage you to take a deep breath and look inside yourself to ask: Is this the right time for me to be confronted with these hard truths? To take this into account, the format of the Study Session is chosen as such that it is no problem, if you don’t join this time, and you can easily join the next time :). Other important aspects, I will explain in the Study Session and I am happy to answer any questions that may arise. I look forward to learning together! My intentions are pure. Love, Aman (he/him) Circle: Regenerative Cultures Amsterdam ----- Link ----- Topic: Perspective / Prospects on the Energy Transition and the Climate Crisis Time: June 14, 2021 18:00 - 20:00 (Amsterdam) Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 863 4011 2256 Passcode: 236091

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